15 Minute Legs and Cardio Workout

Listed below, you will see two different workout circuits. The goal is to complete the first circuit two times through, in a total of 7 minutes or under before moving onto the next circuit. After circuit one is completed, take a 30-90 second break, then move on to complete circuit two the same way (twice through in under 7 minutes). Finish up your workout with some stretching exercises (some example stretches you can find here), AND IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!

Circuit One:

  • 10 reps of burpees – this workout can be completed by swiftly jumping your feet into a pushup position and back into a frog-like position in order to convert your energy to jump straight up from your standing position with your arms over your head. Repeat.
  • 20 reps (10 each side) jump lunges – this workout can be completed by beginning in a standing position and lunge one foot forward into a right angle while keeping the other foot back on the ground. For the transition, hop both feet up into the air and switch the forward foot while staying stationary. Repeat this cycle for 10 lunges on each leg.
  • 24 reps (12 each side) knee ups – for this exercise, find a flat surface approx. knee height (i.e. a weight bench). With one foot, step up onto the bench and use your upward motion to raise the alternate knee into a tabletop/right angle position. Step down from the bench and switch feet. Repeat for 12 on each side.
  • 15 reps of sumo squats – for this exercise, begin with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, and with your toes slightly pointing outwards. Begin a squat down with your arms straight in front of your body, and stand straight up in between each rep. Repeat.

Repeat these 4 exercises in a total of 7 minutes or under. After two times through, take a 30-90 second break and move on to Circuit Two!

Circuit Two:

  • 100 reps of skipping/jumprope – this workout can be completed by staying stationary with a jumprope, or simply using the same motion as you would with a jumprope. Stand straight up and do small, quick hops 100 times through.
  • 24 reps (12 each side) walking lunges – if you have small weights, you can hold them for this exercise, but if not, just simply place your hands on your hips. Step forward with one foot while keeping the other one back, and squat down so that the forward knee is at a right angle. While standing up, prepare to step your backwards foot forward and complete the same motion while moving forward through each rep.
  • 30 reps (15 each side) reverse lunge + knee lift – for this workout, find a sturdy platform about 6 inches (or more) off the ground (i.e. a stair/step). Place one foot on the platform with the other leg back and bent behind your body. Squat down allowing your back knee to get close to the ground. With an upward motion, quickly pull your back leg up in front of you, while standing on the step, and bring your knee up into a right angle in front of your body. Repeat the same motion for the other side.
  • 15 reps jump squats – with your feet shoulder width apart and your hands straight out in front of you with your palms down, squat down so that your knees are just about at a right angle. Jump straight up as high as you can and while you do so, your hands can fall down to your sides. Repeat.

Repeat these 4 exercises in a total of 7 minutes or under. Don’t forget your light stretching, and just like that you’re done! Congratulations on completing this quick 15 minute workout!!