Disconnect and Recharge!

Many of us are challenged with taking time off. We are committed to our jobs, our teams, and our patients. I am also very guilty of still “working” during vacation time. However, during my most recent time off – we went out of the country. It created an opportunity to temporarily disconnect from technology. I noticed I was more present in the experience. I could fully engage in my surroundings as well as all my senses. Our trip took us to the Canada side of Niagara Falls, a place that I had not had ever experienced until now. By being so engaged in the moment … it allowed me to clear my thoughts and trust that those who were covering for me would be great at it – maybe even have better ideas than I would. Upon returning… and opening up those emails…. I realized that I felt more refreshed… could really engage in my response communication…. looked forward to the challenging situations… and could see things more clearly. Taking time for yourself is a gift that should not be put aside. We work for an amazing organization with the best culture I have ever experienced… our partners want us at our very best and that means stepping away from time to time to reboot. Its amazing how taking a few days to step away can be so eye opening and powerful… just like Niagara Falls

–Tamala Sammons