Exercise and Social Connections

This is a Heart and Body story! As some of you know I moved from the Phoenix area up to Flagstaff three years ago. I had been living in my last community for about 20 years and had built some great friendships and had a group of hiking and exercise buddies that I saw on a regular basis. This is important to me since I work from home and really rely on my exercise friends for social connections. It has taken me some time to find my way in Flagstaff and I have been writing goals about being more open to new friendships and finding women to exercise with but also to really get to know as friends. A few months ago my daughter Delaney’s piano teacher saw me drive up in my jeep to pick her up after her lesson and asked if I liked to hike because she was looking for a hiking buddy! Since then we have hiked many of the beautiful peaks around Flagstaff – the photo that goes with this story is of the back side of Humphrey’s Peak from the Abineau – Bear Jaw Loop. My heart is happy because I have made a wonderful new friend and my body is happy because I have hiked ten miles or more every week since we connected. There is something so good for my soul in exploring these beautiful places with someone I enjoy spending time with! If you are ever in Flagstaff let me know – I will take you on one of the trails I have learned in the last few months!

— Jamie Funk