Finding a Physical Activity for YOU

As a physical therapist I know the importance of physical activity and that intensity of that physical activity matters. I also know my propensity to get bored easily, and that I am very unlikely to stick with treadmills, ellipticals, bikes or Zumba. So I knew it was important for me to find something that I can do regularly with varying intensities, and (probably the most important part to sticking with it) it had to be fun. As an adult I picked up tennis, and I love it. Tennis provides that physical activity that can be very intense, start stop intervals, is social and for me provides competition, and levels of progression, something to strive for. I compete in tournaments and leagues that are split up according to skill levels and have a blast doing it. In two weeks my mixed doubles team has won our local division and will be competing in the regional division. Win or lose, I’ve already won because I’ve found something that benefits me immensely through my Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit.

–Cory Robertson