Residents ‘Make a Wish’ at North Mountain

Kelly Shwarz, Therapy Resource from North Mountain Medical and Rehabilitation Center, shares a couple stories about team efforts to make a greater impact on the lives of their residents and patients.

At North Mountain, we have our own Make a Wish program to help transform impossible dreams into reality. A 36 year old disabled resident wanted to take his son to a Suns Basketball game. Our facility bought Suns tickets and sent him on a night out with his son, daughter, and our rehab tech. Other staff volunteers assisted with transport and RT needs to make this a truly special Saturday night celebration! How cool was that? 

Another wish that came true happened when a number of RT patients went to a Metallica concert with the help of North Mountain staff!

Finally, we are lucky to have a staff member who makes vegan/healthy meals for other employees who are trying to eat right.

With these small acts of service, the lives of patients and residents can completely transform. Keep the energy alive, and put your heart into the work that you’re committed to.