What Does It Mean To ‘Sharpen the Saw’ of Your Body?

It’s often times said, “you reap what you sow”. This can be related to the physical body because what you put into your body and how well you treat it, will have a direct correlation on your actions, feelings, and health. Proper eating, adequate rest and relaxation, as well as sufficient exercise all have their benefits on our individual bodies. 

It is a misconceived notion that people don’t believe they have time in their day to workout; therefor they fall very behind in this department. Studies have shown that even finding 15 minutes to workout each day (no special equipment needed) can reduce risk of disease, aid in burning calories and body shape, as well as even adding time onto your life— that’s just 15 minutes of your day! Consistently building your endurance, flexibility, and strength is key in sharpening the saw that is your physical body.

You can build your endurance by doing cardiovascular activities that pump blood through your body. Some of these activities include (but are not limited to) : speed walking, hiking, running, swimming, etc. By doing even one of these activities daily, you are increasing your endurance.

Flexibility is another skill that your body benefits from even if it’s minimal. You can build your flexibility simply by doing activities such as stretching. It is common to stretch both before and after a workout. Beforehand is said to loosen your muscles for your workout. Stretching after a workout is beneficial to aid in loosening your lactic acid in hopes that you will minimize soreness post workout.

Strength is built from resistance exercises and can be developed very differently amongst different people. It is important to always incorporate this area of building up your body, but you can decide how imperative it is to your daily exercises.

We push ourselves past our limits both mentally and physically in order to exercise our bodies in a way that will enhance our capacity to work and adapt. This will also help us to further enjoy daily activities, knowing that if we put in the effort that goes just a little bit past what is comfortable, we are strengthening ourselves from the core. Always work to develop your willpower as well as your body, because your body is your centerpiece, the canvas you were given to create something beautiful. 

The beginning of a new exercise routine can be tricky, but the long-term physical results should far outweigh the temporary struggles. Your continual efforts will slowly aid in sharpening your saw of your physical body dimension. You will find more comfort in your activities the more you do them. Rather than dealing with the negatives as a result of not having a health routine, you will be overjoyed with the benefits that come from giving your body what it needs– even if all it needs is 15 minutes a day to improve. Not only will your physical body change, your self-esteem, confidence, and integrity will blossom as a direct result.