What Does It Mean To ‘Sharpen the Saw’ of Your Spirit?

The meaning of the word spirit is related to the part of a person that is nonphysical, as it is an especially private area of life for us as individuals. It consumes a person’s emotions and character and is what we as humans commit to our value system. The harmony we create between body and spirit is indispensable in our everyday life, because this unity is what essentially inspires and uplifts us—tying us to several generations of truths between all of humanity.

Although each individual will find peace or a sense of calm for their inner spirit in different aspects of life, a few common ways to practice are through meditation, prayer, literature, music, nature, etc. 

In recent studies published in Frontiers in Psychology, regular meditation has been found to withhold gray matter from atrophying and it assists in creating systematic changes within the brain. Many will say that they feel renewed, strengthened, centered, and ready to recommit themselves to serve after their meditation practice. 

Prayer is also a very powerful tool for many and is said to make you stronger in spirit. Quiet reflection time can aid in building inner strength giving you the tools to get through some of life’s toughest times. Prayer is a source of power in releasing and multiplying energies and it can foster creative skill building which is a competitive trait to add to your list of skillsets.

Immersing yourself into some of the more creative aspects such as literature, music, and nature, allow you to be “undisturbable” for some time. It’s in those times when you’re able to leave empty noise and discord behind that you come back renewed and truly find that sense of inner peace.

No matter how you as an individual is able to reconcile with your spiritual dimension, it is so important to find that practice because this aspect provides leadership and a sense of wholesomeness to your life—ultimately what life is all about. A personal mission statement can help you to hone in on what your center and purpose is, so during your daily spiritual renewal, you can find harmony with those values. Once you can win your own battles within, your outward victories will follow naturally. It most certainly takes an investment of your time, but this is time we don’t have to neglect.