Villa Money Jammers Creates a Mindful Experience

Mindi Tippins, Milestone PACC Resource, saw an opportunity to help share one of her passions with her co-workers throughout Milestone and started the Villa Money Jammers group. As Brittney Proffit, Director of Rec Therapy at St. Joseph’s Villa shares, it’s made a huge impact on her life:

My experience with Villa Money Jammers has truly been life changing and has opened my life up to so many new opportunities. To give you an idea of how big the change was I want to tell you a  little bit about my situation before we started Money Jammers. I am a single mother of an amazing child, care taker of my grandmother and mother who are both sick. I was working full time at St. Joe’s and full time graveyards at a gas station by my house and still was living paycheck to paycheck. I had a personal loan out, that I needed to get to help pay for medication, I had items in pawn, to help with groceries, meds, gas in my car or whatever it was that day. I clipped coupons, hunted sales, bought second hand, I’d personally skipped meals so I could provide more food for my family and I donated plasma weekly. Yet, I still lived paycheck to paycheck and continued to go into debt. It felt like I was drowning, I was doing everything I possibly could to stay above water, but it was never enough — I was never able to breathe. Then we started Money Jammers and my whole world changed, it wasn’t just about learning to better control my finances, it was about having people who understood, who cared and who supported me. We broke down as a team and openly discussed our financial struggles and it was eye opening for me to see that I wasn’t alone. We were given nice journals to take notes, track our spending and keep financial journals, we were also given Women And Money by Suze Orman .

Money Jammers taught me how to budget my money and realize where I was spending money that I didn’t need to be spending. I was able to cut out things that were taking my money, set up a budget and learn to make my money work for me.  I learned the best way to set up my 401K for me, so I will be able to retire at 65, before I had no retirement plan. I also set up a 529 college savings plan for my daughter, which was a huge stress relief. I have been able to pay off my loan, pawns and have set up a plan to pay off my debt. I have even set aside a little money for emergencies, I was even taught the best way to price flights for vacations, because they knew seeing the ocean was important to me. I am not as stressed between paychecks because now I have a little bit of a cushion, just in case. I was even able to take my daughter to her favorite art place, which was normally out of the question, because I didn’t have the money. I am still learning to become financially stable and I still make mistakes, but I never would have made it this far without Money Jammers.

We support each other, look out for each other and even call each other out when needed, but we know it is from a place of love.  For example, I made a bad financial decision and when I shared it with the group, they called me out on it (I didn’t realize it was bad at the time) but after talking I realized how I was looking at the issue wrong and how not to make the same mistake. I messed up, but they still supported me and didn’t make me feel like I failed, they simply helped me so I wouldn’t make the same mistake. I am very blessed to be a part of such an amazing group it has truly changed my life and the way that I think about money. I have even began telling my friends and family, reading the suggested books and listening to the suggested podcasts in the car. We even have two groupme accounts for Villa Money Jammers and YNAB (You Need A Budget). “When you stop worrying so much about money, life becomes so much more enjoyable.”

One of Brittney’s team members shares about Brittney, since her involvement with Villa Money Jammers, is she  seems to have a new sense of contentment, a new passion for her team, and increased ownership of life at the Villa as a whole.  In our recent Pinnacle, the customer service scores her team received were the highest scores that rec therapy has ever received at the villa.    Truly amazing and we are all celebrating with her.